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This is it, we’re ready to f’n rock n roll…You right into becoming a working bartender. Below are the main modules of at the Bartending Blueprint, simply click on any of the lesson headings below to get started!

48 Hour Cash Machine

The point of this Module is to get you up and running as quickly as possible. After you finish going through the 48 Hour Cash Machine chapters, there won’t be any legitimate reasons for you to not be making money EVEN IF you know nothing about alcohol, making drinks and have absolutely zero experience.

This is a step by step road map for everything you need to know and do to bank your first $100-$200 or more in just a few days from right now.

Bartending 101 – The Basics

The Before The Job Module is designed to get you up to speed ASAP on all the fundamentals and basics. You’ll learn how to pour your alcohols and draft beer, what the alcohols are, around the bar and basic set up, all your glassware and cutting/prepping garnishes and fruit.

Drink Recipes

This is where you will find all the drinks and cocktails you will need to know in order to be prepared to work in an actual bar. Now many traditional schools will teach you 200+ drinks and make you study them for hours and hours…the truth is that you will usually make the same 10-15 drinks for almost your entire bartending career. Some of these are going to be more common than other depending on where you ultimately get hired but they are all on the “definitely must know” list for any working bartender.

Getting The Job

This is the meat and potatoes of the Bartending Blueprint program. Go through the lessons in order as each builds on the last to get you ready to take on the real world and hired.

Watch Me Do It

About a year back or so I changed bars and I attempted to film the whole process. Shot of my iphone, its not the highest HD quality but is a truly unique perspective because, as far as I know, I’m the first person who’s ever documented this.

In this Module’s chapters you will see how I prepare, what my resume looks like, how I dressed, my follow ups, getting denied, following up more, getting an interview and ultimately getting hired.

This is the Bartending Blueprint in action.

The Working Bartender

Now that you’re working at a new bar, we’re going to take you from good to great make you one of the best bartenders at your bar.

The After The Job module is a peak behind the counter, diving into things that you’ll have to learn and understand like senority with other employees and the working relationship with the manager(s) you’ll need to cultivate if you want to get anything done for yourself in the future.

Interviews with Bartenders

Ever wish you could pick a bartenders brain about how they got started bartending? That is exactly the purpose of this module, to sit down and interview working bartenders so we can try to uncover any secrets of how they got started.