Bartending Blueprint Pro Course Reviews

​Just wanted to let you know I got a job!!! Thanks again for the class! YOU F’N ROCK!!!!"

-Amanda Benjamin

I've been out of (course) for 2 days and got my first job! [..]looking forward to splashing around more liquor and meeting LOTS of new people.”

-Dan Kupiec

I was sick of the corporate world that I got laid off from. Just can’t do it, I’d rather pour drinks and tell jokes and have a good time while working.”

-Peter Morera

​I’m glad to report I am successfully employed as a bartender! The class was Awesome! It was extremely thorough and well taught. Your teaching style is very engaging – high energy, great balance of humor and knowledge. I appreciate that you draw on your experience to really tell it like it is so we come away with an honest idea of what it will be like out there. The (lesson) on resumes and going out and getting the job was priceless to me.”

-Rachel Peterson

I came in to (course) a little skeptical. The experience blew my mind! Not only a lesson in bartending, but a lesson in life.”

-Trevor Hill

I know how to make the drinks blindfolded.”

-Christa Brown

I wanted to thank you for a great class. I learned a ton and you really simplified bartending and broke it down in ways that made it easy [..] to understand. Also, I have my first gig already, tomorrow, its a private party, pool party. 20/hr plus tips!”

-Kyle Adriance

​Wow! I was completely skeptical about your claims about being hired for private party’s. Well let me tell you I was shocked when in less than 24 hours I had a response to my ad for a private party!”

-Tom Cotter

I really felt like you care about your students learning the skills of bartending. Thank you for making the (course) relaxed, fun and entertaining; very appreciated.”

-Amber Flack

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​Jason can teach 5 year olds bartending!! You dont have to think twice with this guy. Great class! 4.99999 stars!”

-Kaze Lat

It was such a pleasure to find you… I’ll recommend this class to everyone.”

-Nerelys Camacho

I’m (still) showing up these other bartenders in Texas! I’m really glad I bought your (course) because I dont feel stupid when someone asks ‘Hey whats in a Long Island’ and ‘how is liquor made'”

-Jessica Lutes

Best class I’ve ever taken. it was fun, interactive, super usefull and i would def let everybody know where the best (info) for bartending is.”

-Jesus Cornejo

The (course) was informative, fun, and well worth the money. I learned SO much about alcohol, drinks, people, and all-around bartending information. It covers a lot more than just mixing drinks! Jason, is absolutely awesome – fun, friendly, and definitely knows his stuff. If you’re considering learning bartending, get this one.”

-Laura Turner

You are a fantastic instructor, your enthusiasm is contagious and motivating. Thanks again for this positive experience, I would definitely recommend you to anyone who enquires about my amazing mixing talents!”

-Stephanie Mireles

So you’re gonna be totally proud of me cuz I landed my first private party gig. I did everything you told me, and now I’m doing some guys Halloween party!”

-Lilian Bramer

I thought your (course) was so much fun! I learned so much in a short amount of time. Loved it!”

-Lizeth Rivera

I just got hired! I really enjoyed your (course) and learned so much! I feel a lot more confident behind the bar. There was nothing I did not like.”

-Sara DeRaad

You f*ckin’ rock dude!”

-Jason Mann

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