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Over 101 Shooters. (You’ll probably never make 90% of these but hey, there here if you want to know ‘em!)

Shooters are different from shots. A shot is just that, a shot of whiskey, a shot of tequila, a shot of vodka etc. With shooters, it like mixed drink cocktail sort of only it’s strained into a large shot glass (shooter glass).

Shooters are multiple ingredients mixed together to create a slightly larger shot. It is still consumed like a shot, meaning you chug the damn thing, but its bigger.

When making shooters the basic rule of thumb is you add equal parts of all the ingredients. You’re almost always going to make your shooters 3 oz’s. Most shooters have three ingredients, therefore, you usually add about 1oz. per ingredient per shooter.

So if you have a two ingredient shooter, you add about 1.5oz. per ingredient per shooter.

Four ingredient shooters you add about 3/4oz. per ingredient per shooter.

It might sound a little confusing but all you have to remember is, 1. Add equal parts of each ingredient, 2. Try to make each shooter 3 ounces! If you can remember those two simple rules and use them as your guideline you’ll be fine.

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On each of the shooters recipe individual page you will find the ingredients and their amounts to make the cocktail properly.

If you have other drinks, cocktails, or shooters that you’d like to have me do lessons or video’s about feel free to leave a comment below!

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