Bartenders Ginger Ale

A bartenders ginger ale is something you will undoubtedly hear once you start bartending. There are times when the cocktail recipe will call for ginger ale as an ingredient, and while it is fairly common to be found in most bars, it is also common that it may not be found in your bar.

A “bartenders ginger ale” is basically the process of creating a make-shift ginger ale from the most common, handy ingredients that you most likely will always have in a bar.

In this installment of the Bartending 101 series, Bartenders Ginger Ale, I will show you how to make a ginger ale from scratch should not have any actual ginger ale stocked in your bar.

In this video you’ll learn:

    • A few common drinks that use ginger ale
    • The common ingredients to use when making a ginger ale from scratch
    • A few different variations/options depending on ingredients available
    • Live demonstration of pouring a bartenders ginger ale.

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