Garnishes and Cutting Fruit

One of your main daily tasks as a bartender is to prep garnishes and cutting fruit in your bar. Having the necessary garnishes for drinks is part of proper bartending presentation and is a basic skill that every bartender must have.

As always, exactly what prep you have to do and for what cocktails will depend on where you ultimately work. Some bars have higher end “signature” cocktails that may require a certain special garnish. If this is true then you will be trained on both how to make that garnish and how to present it on the drink.

Although each individual establishment is slightly different in exactly what garnishes they have and how they prepare them, understanding these simple prep techniques will go along way to get you ready to cutting up the necessities.

Garnishes we’ll cover:

    • Peels
    • Twists
    • Whole wheels
    • Half wheels
    • Wedges
    • Half Wedges
    • And More

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