How To Pour Alcohol Like a Pro

Free pouring alcohol is without a doubt THE single most important fundamental skill for bartenders.

Many aspiring new bartenders get hung up on free pouring and feel like they have to fork out $300-$500 at a bartending school to learn how to do it. The reality is that with a few bottles and a couple of cheap pour spouts you can learn how to pour like a pro in your own kitchen in 5 minutes.

Like I said, pouring the proper amounts of alcohol into your drinks is the most basic skill you need to have as a bartender. After you watch this lesson you’ll know exactly how to pour as accurately as any bartender out there..not only free pour a perfect shot, but also how to adjust the amounts you pour by precise 1/4oz increments.

    • Where to find bottles and pour spouts
    • Free pouring a perfect 1 oz shot
    • Pour counting
    • Increasing and decreasing alcohol amounts in ¼ oz increments
    • Bottle pour angles
    • Right handed pours
    • Left handed pours
    • Pouring two bottles at the same time
    • Pouring up to four bottles at the same time
    • More fun facts and stories!

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