Drink Recipes

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Most often the first thing people worry about when they start thinking about getting into bartending is all the drink recipes you need to know to be a good bartender.

Let me clear this up for you right now. Most of your bartending, no matter where you work, will range around 10-20 different recipes, and usually much less. This includes basic, self explanatory two ingredient, jack-and-coke or vodka-soda varieties. And most of the rest of the range, I can almost guarantee you'll be familiar with. And any elaborate recipes on a particular menu, you will be trained and practiced with before they turn you loose.

You could realistically work within a 10-15 drink range every day, potentially for you entire bartending career.

These drink recipe pages have many more cocktails then you'll need to know, but are here for you as a resource if you need to look something up.

Some are more common than others, and I do my best to specify which ones are more important for you to to pay more attention too, but ultimately it will depend on where you work to determine exactly which range of cocktails and recipes you’ll make the most.

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Remember, it’s more important to focus on the most common drinks first, make sure you have them memorized, and then branch out to learn more after you have the basics.

Each of these are the similar to the lessons I used to teach to classes when I worked at a bartending school in here in Southern California, only you don’t have to fork out the $300 tuition to get ’em.

If you have other drinks, cocktails, or shooters that you’d like to have me do lessons or video’s about feel free to leave a comment below!

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