Martini Drink Recipe

The Martini cocktail is without a doubt the classic of classics when it comes to bartending. It’s been a favorite for decades and it will still be a favorite in the decades to come.

Knowing how to mix a good ‘tini is an essential skill set for any aspiring professional bartender. But it’s also very simple. Most bartenders struggle making this drink simply because they don’t understand the fundamentals…

If you can get the fundamentals down, this drink is actually one of the easier cocktails recipes to mix up.

  • Mixing tin, ½-⅓ full of ice
  • 1½-2 oz Gin or Vodka
  • ​Stir or Shake
  • ​Strain in chilled stemmed glass or pour into rocks glass
  • ​Garnishes
  • Lemon Twist garnish (regular/classic)
  • ​Olive garnish (regular/dirty)
  • ​Onion garnish (Gibson)

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