Vodka Drink Recipes

Vodka has a interesting past history before it became the main ingredient in the many popular vodka drink recipes of today. Way back in the vague early days of its creation, vodka was actually used in Poland as aftershave. Yep, they laced vodka with chamomile flowers to give it a nice smell and then splashed it on their faces after a hot blade. Ouch.

The Russians referred to vodka as water in the early 16th century. This laid the ground work for the vast consumption of the alcohol through the years.

As popular as vodka is today (more vodka is consumed in America each year than any other alcohol or spirit), it didn’t start rolling as a popular base alcohol until the 20th century.

Now vodka’s come in hundreds of varieties of origins, brands, colors and flavors. Luckily we’re bartenders, not distillation chemists…we don’t have to worry about too much more about vodka other than you’re going to pour it. A lot.

These are the most common Vodka Drink Recipes you need to be familiar with below; click on a cocktail’s link to watch it’s video lesson:

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