Bartending Jobs on the Internet

By Jason Shurtz | Bartending

Apr 17

One of the main ways that you can look for bartending jobs is to use the internet. Now, obviously you’re not going to use mainstream national websites like Monster or Because if you think about, why would a local business post a listing on a nationwide service?

The internet can be a great tool, but I can also be a trap where you’ll inadvertently minimize your options while maximizing your competition.

Watch the video below that is an outtake from the full “Getting The Job” Section of the Bartending Blueprint program.

I’ll cover some of the gimmicks and pitfalls, but also how you can you the right tools to help you find that job that might be right for you.


About the Author

Jason Shurtz, Creator and Founder of The Bartending Blueprint website has over 15 years experience as a working bartender in some of the busiest bars in San Diego, Ca.