Online Bartending School Website Reveals Ugly Truth About Getting Bartending Jobs


Mar 26

Online PR News – 22-March-2013 –There are few jobs and professions steeped in such murk and staggering misinformation about how to get started than with Bartending.

And for those interested the main source of what should be good information, a Bartending School, is often little more than a thinly veiled “certificate factory” teaching grossly outdated curriculums, preaching hope upon prospective students they will be properly equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to find a job. But the reality of the situation is often a far cry from having jobs waiting for graduates and offering only an empty wallet and a nearly useless list of drinks list of yesturyear which will hardly, if ever, be used.

A quick search will generally turn up several options in most areas for a bartending school, often ranging in price from $300-$1000 for a 20-40 hour class. To confuse things even further, there are also several Online Bartending Schoolprograms to choose from.

All though there are reputable schools out there, none are necessary (over 95% of working bartenders have NEVER taken any sort of class), nor can any class guarantee that a student will be hired after completing a course. Yet sadly, most bartender training programs will pitch to their prospective prey that they will be equipped with a “Bartending License” and boast of connections to hiring managers around the area. The fact of the matter in most states is there is no such thing as this supposed “license,” which will be the “key” to getting into and behind a bar. The question then becomes, if there is no key how does someone open the door?

Generally, the biggest problem with todays bar schools besides the honesty of them all, is that most of what is taught will almost always focus exclusively on learning drink recipes. Which would make sense, most people believe that learning about alcohol and drink recipes is what they need to know in order to succeed as a working bartender.

“To get a bartending job in today’s competitive job market it’s vital for any potential new employees to understand that a bartender is an important piece of a business and be able to explain how their job will help increase revenue and customer retention, each and every day.”

However, the truth about entering this profession is that most working bartenders at a general establishment will usually make the same 10-15 drinks over and over (actually more like 3-5) everyday, potentially for their entire bartending careers.

What these schools should be teaching students is how they fit into that particular business environment, and what it takes to get hired as a bartender… not an excessive glut of 200-300 drink recipes. The gapping hole in what is missing is a fundamental understanding of the intricate details of the service industry in general and how establishments function as a business, where revenue is created and lost, and how our jobs as bartenders fits into the optimization of the business.

As with most industries, to get a bartending job in today’s über competitive job market it’s vital for any potential new employee (us) to understand that our job is an important piece of a larger business as a whole. And even if it’s only a bar, and we should be able to explain how our job, and more specifically ourselves personally, can and will help increase revenue, customer retention, etc, every day. Making drinks is important, but far less than you think once you can understand the bigger picture.


That is why I created the Bartending Blueprint, and strive to push it to being one of the most comprehensive professional bartender training gold mines on or offline. And it just so you know, this isn’t rocket science; I can teach anyone the basics and have them capable of working their first bartending job by the first weekend of their first week in training, regardless of whether or not they have any experience.

Visit now for more information about what it takes to get into bartending and see how anyone can be making their first dollars as a working bartender by the end of this weekend.

View a video about the Bartending Blueprint program on YouTube:

The website was created by 15+ year veteran San Diego bartender, Jason Shurtz.


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Jason Shurtz is the Creator and Founder of The Bartending Blueprint website and the BartendingPro YouTube Channel and has over 15 years experience as a bartender and bar manager in some of the busiest bars in Southern California. When he's not working behind the bar, Jason can be found chasing large surf and bottomless powder days around the globe.

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