Bartending is a True Recession-Proof Job

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Jan 06

I always laugh when I flip past the doom-and-gloom news stations who are preaching the end of the world and all jobs in this country as we know it. They say this whole-heartedly despite the fact that their are certain sectors of our great country that have, and will always be, necessary. I will speak of course about the service industry and the bartending sector specifically here.

The great thing about this industry is that it’s timeless…its been around for decades, and will be around for decades+ to come. Through the highs and lows that this country has endured, through wars and recessions, presidents good and bad…bartenders have always managed to keep food on their table and money in their bank account.

One reason for this is that no matter what is happening in the job market, across the country or around the world, people will always go out to the bars. If life sucks, they will come drink their sorrows away. And if times are good, they are celebrating. Either way, this is great for us working bartenders.

Now, are there more dollars flowing into our tips jars more during good economic times? Sure, but not by much. There are many times after a unfavorable outcome in life, a lost playoff game, or just a rainy day that folks have actually stayed and hung out all night long and thus filling our tip jars.

One thing that you can always count on in the world, not matter what the circumstance, your favorite watering hole will always be open for business each and every day you need it. And this is exactly why I say that bartending is the ultimate recession-proof job. Short of doctors and firefighters, there aren’t many other professions that you can say that about (well maybe a few, but you get my point…).

Combine these facts with those that the service industry and bartending are extremely easy to get into, and you have a tool that if you place in your own personal tool box, can create an element of stability in your working life that you can always rely on…unlike so many other sectors today.

All you have to do is learn bartending basics enough to get hired, and you’ll be well on your way to having the confidence that you will always be able to support yourself.

So the next time the talking heads start pushing out the doom-and-gloom 24-7 on our biased news channels, just remember that at least you have (or can learn to have) a secret weapon in your back pocket that will always ensure that you are never one of those poor, job-less dead weight statistics.


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About the Author

Jason Shurtz is the Creator and Founder of The Bartending Blueprint website and the BartendingPro YouTube Channel and has over 15 years experience as a bartender and bar manager in some of the busiest bars in Southern California. When he's not working behind the bar, Jason can be found chasing large surf and bottomless powder days around the globe.