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Dec 30
Bartending Resume giveaway

Enter your name and email below and I’ll send you a free bartender resume with 6 versions that could cost $50 each to get designed, all yours to keep and use 100% free.


Video Transcription:

What if YOU could get a professionally designed free bartending resumes that we’re guaranteed to help you get hired?

What if you actually had SIX of these custom templates to choose from?

And what if you could get these templates that normally cost about $50 each, right now totally free?

Now you can…

My name is Jason Shurtz and I’m the creator/founder of the Bartending Blueprint website, and I want to give you a present…


Because if you’re watching this video then you’re obviously interested in bartending…and if you’re interested in bartending then we should be friends…So since we’re gonna be friends I want to hook you up!

I want to give you not one, but 6 professionally designed custom bartending resume templates. These are the same exact resume that I’ve used to get hired at some of the busiest bars in Southern California.

I had these templates custom made so they are guaranteed to be unique and truly one of a kind. Just by simply using any of these custom resumes you will instantly stand out from your competition giving YOU the vital advantage that will help YOU get hired as a bartender.

Here’s a interesting/scary fact for you…Did you know that the first time a manager looks at your resume you have about 12 seconds to convince them not to kick you out the door?

Yep… 12 seconds.

And with only 12 seconds to make a critical first impression, the responsibility is basically 100% on your RESUME to send the right message (that message being of course that you are someone they definitely want working at their establishment.)

One of the main things people do wrong when applying for a job at a bar or restaurant is they use the same resume format and layout they would use for a business or corporate job.

The problem is business resumes have waaaay too much information and they take a lot longer than 12 seconds to read, which usually equals bye bye, no job.

I had these templates professionally designed specifically to be EYE CATCHING and as effective as possible in this “12 seconds” situation, and after using them to get hired at some of the busiest bars in my town, I guarantee they will help YOU get the job too.

But even a custom resume template isn’t enough.

It’s critical to also know what to put on your resume.

So I’m also going to include a free “look over my shoulder” video which walks you through, step by step, exactly how to fill out your shiny new custom resume. It will explain in detail, line by line, exactly what information you MUST have, and more importantly, what NOT to have to help guarantee your success.

To get access right now to these free bartender resumes and the video tutorials, all you have to do is enter your name and email below and I’ll send a link directly to your email inbox where you can download the resumes and watch the video instantly.

After you have the resumes and you’ve seen how to fill them out properly, you will instantly have an advantage over your competition.

So again, enter your name and email below now, and I’ll see you on the inside with all this cool stuff!

 6 Free Custom Bartender Resumes:  Enter Your Name and Email Below

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About the Author

Jason Shurtz is the Creator and Founder of The Bartending Blueprint website and the BartendingPro YouTube Channel and has over 15 years experience as a bartender and bar manager in some of the busiest bars in Southern California. When he's not working behind the bar, Jason can be found chasing large surf and bottomless powder days around the globe.

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