The Bartending Basics

These are the how-to fundamentals and bartending basics you need to know... meaning this is the bare bones minimum skills required for bartenders.

In the lessons listed below you’re going to learn everything you need to become a working bartender including everything that’s in, around and behind the bar; how to set up a bar; standard bartending tools; cocktail glasses, etc.

To get started, click the video above to watch all the videos in a playlist, or click on the the links below to learn about the specific topic and watch each lesson.

On each of the lesson pages above you will find a video that is designed to help you learn and remember everything with easy and simple explanations.

Most of these videos have been actually filmed in the various bars that I’ve worked at over the years. I want to take you behind the scenes to help you see exactly what will be required of you to be a working bartender.

To get started, click on one of the lessons above.

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